Episode 4

Gabe and Alex become the hunted and Richard puts his life on the line for his little sister in the nail-biting fourth installment of The Tribe.

Episode 1

In a post-apocolyptic world, nine teenagers have managed to survive the end of the world. They constantly struggle to survive and yet, nature is not the only danger to The Tribe.

Episode 2

The second installment of The Tribe. Gabe and Alex find themselves faced with the intruder, their only clue a red ribbon. Secrets will be revealed and lives will be put on the line as The Tribe continues to struggle in this post-apocalyptic world.

Episode 3

Secrets are brought into the light and the road of love takes twists and turns in the third installment of The Tribe.

Episode 5

The Panthers edge closer to their prey as Gabe must deal with the consequences of events out of his control. Love will be put to the test and the woods will never be the same in the fifth installment of The Tribe.

Episode 6

Gabriel journeys to the heart of Panther territory, to exact revenge for the death of Rose. But what he thought would be a hard task proves to be suicidal as he learns the true strength of his enemies. Arrows fly, swords clash, and blood spills in the thrilling sixth installment of The Tribe...

Episode 7

With five new members, Gabriel believes they might have a chance against the Panthers in the rapidly approaching battle. But old tensions still run high and there is more to one of the newcomers than meets the eye in the shocking seventh installment of The Tribe.

Episode 8

The line between reality and illusion is blurred and blood spills across the plains of existence in the adrenaline-pumping eighth installment of The Tribe.

Episode 9

With Alex captured and the final battle looming ahead Gabriel faces difficult choices as he fights to keep himself and the tribe alive. Tension builds, tempers flare and unlikely allies reveal themselves in the shocking ninth installment of The Tribe.

Episode 10 ​

Gabriel, Maggie, Noah, and Megan are all that remain of the Chiefs. They've watched their friends and family perish before their eyes and now the only thing on their minds is justice. Justice for the lives lost in pointless bloodshed. Gabriel and the Chiefs face off against Victor and his Panthers in the epic final installment of The Tribe.

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